My Prostatitis Story

12 May 2010 by PIOA

At the age of 28 I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

I have had frequency problems as long as I can remember – I tried Flomax and all the other meds, but nothing helped.

My hell began July ’05 at the age of 39.  Four months before my 40th birthday – after having the most stressful year of my life – I doubled over in pain. My testicles, perineum and urethra were on fire with a constant stabbing pain. I went to the E.R. as fast as I could – everything showed up negative. I was given Cipro for 2 weeks – still in pain – I went to a dozen or more urologists and they gave me more antibiotics, but I was still in pain 24/7.  After 9 months of this hell, a famous urologist from Rush University Medical Center convinced me I didn’t have an infection and talked me into having the micro denervation surgery – which did not work.  The doctor left a wire in me I had to cut out myself (very painful).

After almost giving up hope I ran across Dr. Duke Bahn on the internet.  I called with some hope and got a wonderful lady named Barbara on the phone, she understood my problem and said Dr. Bahn may be able to help me as he has helped many.  I booked an appointment for Feb 2008. A friend I had met with the same problem went with me.  The moment we arrived at Dr. Bahn’s office we were greeted by Barbara, Dana and nurse Lisa – they were amazing people with such care we didn’t know how to act.  I had been dismissed by so many urologist – to put it nicely, but I knew we were in good hands now.  I then met Dr. Duke Bahn who took the time to show me the ultrasound findings that showed infection that had been neglected for a long time.

Dr. Bahn showed me all the areas where the infection was, then he did the injections – which were painless. Within 20 minutes, I started to feel relief.  I have just finished my 8th round of injections. I started to experience longer pain free stretches after the 6th round of injections. I can now go over 2 hours without having to urinate.  Dr. Bahn, Barbara, Dana, and Lisa have saved my life.  I had plans to commit suicide in June of 2008 – I just couldn’t live in 24/ 7 pain.

I type this pain free with tears in my eyes of gratitude – these four people have saved my life – I will be forever grateful.  Dr. Bahn also spent time with my wife and explained what I had been going through. If I need more injections in the future I will not hesitate to go back.  Again, I would like to thank Dr. Duke Bahn, Barbara, Dana, and nurse Lisa for going above and beyond to help us men that have been living in hell.

God bless you all!!!

~ Frank – Jacksonville  Florida

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