Personal Journey with Prostatitis

12 May 2010 by PIOA

To Whom It May Concern;

My symptoms of prostatis first began in 1996 while on assignment away from home.  I experienced a day of severe urgency and frequency of 30 minutes. That night was followed by obstructive symptoms, inability to void and decreased stream.

With antibiotic treatment, these symptoms subsided over about 12 months. I remained relatively symptom free until the prostatitis recurred about four years ago. It began during the night with flu like feeling progressing to urgency, frequency q 1hour and increasingly severe dysuria.

Under my urologists care, antibiotics reduced the symptoms but did not completely relieve them. Whenever I would go off the antibiotics the symptoms would return in a matter of weeks. At their worst I would go into urinary retention.  This finally led to a TURP about two years ago.

Though the TURP relieved the obstructive symptoms, all the other symptoms would return whenever I went off antibiotics for more than a few days. These included, urgency, frequency, severe dysuria, perineal pain with defecation and pain with ejaculation and finally chills and fever up t 102 degrees.

I simply could not get off antibiotics, whenever I tried I was miserable.  Levaquin worked the best. Others that worked to a lesser degree were doxycycline, Bactrim and Augmentin. Levaquin gave me insomnia and tinnitus; the others have their GI effects to greater of lesser degree.  My quality of life for the last four years has been a real issue. It seemed I spent most of my life urinating or thinking about it and in pain. I hated being on the antibiotics, but couldn’t get off them. Urinalysis was consistently normal.

Fortunately, my persistent wife kept searching the internet (there are a whole lot of weird and ineffective things out there!). She ran across the site for a doctor in Italy who uses direct injection of an antibiotic cocktail into the prostate gland which achieves a concentration of antibiotic in the prostate over 2000 time higher than oral or even IV routes.

His article on line caught my attention stating that many antibiotics by oral route seemed to help, and that men in this situation often are misunderstood, accused of being addicted to antibiotics or mentally disturbed (yes I was referred to a psychiatrist at one point, he didn’t cure me though). He states categorically that there is no such thing as non-bacterial prostatitis.

We did not have the time or funds to travel to Italy for weeks of treatment so were looking for similar treatment in the US. We were blessed when my wife discovered Dr. Duke Bahn and the Prostate Institute of America in Ventura, California. Horizon  Air Lines has a direct flight from Seattle to Santa Barbara.

My first appointment and evaluation with Dr. Bahn was March 31, 2008. Ultrasound showed extensive calcifications throughout the prostate gland consistent with chronic prostatitis. A subtle change on the ultrasound in the right base of the prostate was thought most likely an area of prominent inflammation (this had always been the side of my greatest pain). The volume of the gland was 23 cc. I received my first injection the same day. My NIH symptom score (on oral antibiotics) at that visit was 22.

Following the first injection my symptoms were about 50% improved. I continued on oral antibiotics and returned for my second injection April 14, 2008. My symptom score at that visit was 14, down from 22. The volume of the gland was essentially changed at 22 cc. Following the second injection I mustered up the courage to go off oral antibiotics, a big step considering how often I had tried and failed in the past. My symptoms continued to improve.

April 28, 2008 I returned for my third injection. The volume of the prostate gland was 17cc down from 23. My symptom score was 6, down from 22. I was beginning to feel that there was hope! I returned for addition injections May 12 and July 21.  Since that time I have continued off oral antibiotics and with minimal symptoms. The pain with urination, intercourse and defecation is gone. Frequency is down to 3 hours during the day and up twice at night. For me this is heaven! And best of all I have been off oral antibiotics now for four months.

There is no way that I can adequately thank Dr. Bahn and his staff for the help and understanding. They have given me my life back! Santa Barbara’s a great town to visit. The charge for the treatments was reasonable and didn’t require a trip to Italy. I would recommend Dr. BahnS and this therapy for anyone suffering from symptoms of prostatitis. This is a promising new treatment that worked a miracle for me!

Best Regards;

Nick M. MD

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