Considered a minimally invasive procedure, a biopsy is the removal of a sample of tissue for the purpose of diagnosis. A biopsy is necessary because areas of inflammation or infection will often appear very similar to areas of cancer, and it is essential to absolutely rule out any possibility of cancer.
If a biopsy is performed, it will be a directed biopsy with tissue samples taken specifically from the noted abnormal areas. There is no predetermined number of tissue samples taken as each biopsy is a result of the individual findings on the ultrasound examination. However, Dr. Bahn’s experience coupled with the state-of-the-art technology used by the Institute, ensures that the tissue samples taken will be extremely accurate and be as few as possible.

Diagnostic accuracy is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the physician as well as the quality of equipment. Underestimation of the disease is the single-most common cause of selecting the wrong treatment option and as a result, leads to treatment failures. In previous studies, we reviewed 140 men with a known cancer diagnosis based on biopsies performed at other institutions that stated the cancer was confined within the prostate. All of the subjects had staging biopsies repeated by our staff. The result showed close to 30 percent of these men had cancer that was already outside of the prostate. In these cases, it was necessary to reconsider the treatment options and overall cancer management. Because of this, our mission continues to be the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Results of the biopsy are normally obtained within five to seven days. Dr. Bahn will personally call patients with results as soon as he receives them.

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