Expert Treatment

At the Prostate Institute of America (PIA) we believe that a multidisciplinary and multiteam approach allows patients to have a full spectrum of knowledge and a complete understanding of the disease and the available treatment options. At each step of the treatment process, we strive to inform our patients in a way that alleviates the fear and anxiety often associated with prostate cancer.

Dr. Duke Bahn, one of the world’s leading practitioners in the study and treatment of prostate cancer, is the Medical Director of the Institute. Dr. Bahn has personally established a referral network of medical professionals—both locally and nationwide—that includes urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and psychologists devoted to the overall care of patients suffering from this disease.

Although we recognize that the following is not a complete list of every available option, it does present the seven most common approaches to addressing prostate cancer.

PIOA Ongoing Clinical Trial

The Prostate Institute of America is performing an ongoing clinical trial for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer patients. Please review [&hellip