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Clinical Trial

Combined Cryotherapy and Intra-tumoral Injection of Autologous  Dendritic Cells in Advanced Prostate Cancer:

The purpose of this study is to determine whether intra-tumoral injection of subject’s own dendritic cells after cryotherapy of the prostate is safe and effective in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. In theory, injected dendritic cells (multiplied by millions in laboratory) will internalize antigens from tumor cells damaged by cryotherapy and facilitate the initiation of a tumor-specific immune response. Subjects will also receive a low dose regimen of cyclophosphamide, pre- and post-cryotherapy to selectively reduce number of regulatory T cells which have been implicated in dampening or halting immune responses. Using this combination of therapies, it is thought that a clinically significant anti-immune response might be elicited.

Please review the following information and contact us if you would like to participate in the study.

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PIOA Ongoing Clinical Trial

The Prostate Institute of America is performing an ongoing clinical trial for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer patients. Please review [&hellip