Our Philosophy

Prostate diseases are some of the most common healthcare conditions that men face. Imaging of the prostate gland is currently in the midst of revolutionizing how prostate problems are diagnosed and treated. We are proud to be on the forefront of this curve. However, what makes our center special is not just our imaging expertise but also our philosophy of extensively educating our patients and customizing their care to match their goals and wishes.

State-Of-The-Art Prostate Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

At PIA, we have the full complement of imaging modalities to screen for prostate cancer available. While our initial evaluation is typically with ultrasound, we perform high quality 3T MRI of the prostate gland on site and are experts in interpreting both MRI and ultrasound. Very few physicians in the world are able to synthesize information from prostate ultrasound and MRI by themselves, often relying on the opinions of others who may or may not be experts in prostate disease. At PIA, our physicians have each interpreted thousands of MRIs and ultrasounds in conjunction and are therefore able to take a more holistic approach.


When a man presents with concern for prostate cancer, often due to an elevated PSA value, we typically will perform an ultrasound and help decide whether the man is truly at risk for prostate cancer and whether a biopsy is necessary. We generally do not rush to biopsy just due to elevated PSA alone and in fact the majority (though not all) of our recommended biopsies end up producing a diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer.


If our physician feel that a biopsy is appropriate, we will explain the rationale and can either perform the biopsy immediately or at a follow-up visit. At all times, the doctor and the patient participate in joint decision making, so that both parties are comfortable with the diagnostic plan.