Patient Billing

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Over 70% of patients indicate a preference for digital communication rather than paper. We have listened to our patients and are now using secure, digital methods to aid billing for the services rendered by our radiologists for your recent imaging exam/procedure. Our dedicated patient service team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns about your bill for services rendered by our radiologists .

Medical Records Retrieval

We use to help patients and attorneys retrieve medical records safey. Chartswap enables HIPAA-compliant medical record request of information (ROI) and medical records retrieval between registered requestors and medical record providers.


Fast & Easy

Our Patient Portal

Patients can now have full access and control over their payment plans, insurance updates, statement download and more, all through our patient portal.

Need a payment plan? Use our patient portal to set up the payment plan most suitable for you.


Prostate Institute of America sends patients a separate bill from the hospital for our radiology services. Our bill looks like this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prostate Institute of America?

Prostate Institute of America combines our experienced team of physicians and staff with advanced imaging technologies to provide information, diagnosis, and treatment for men regarding their prostate health.


Why Did I Receive A Text Message?

The text message from Prostate Institute of America is regarding an action needed on your account. For example, a balance might be remaining for the physician services provided during your recent visit.

Why Am I Receiving This Bill?

You are receiving this bill for the services provided by the radiologist. 

How Can I Request A Copy Of My Statement?

In order to receive a copy of your statement, please log into the¬†Patient Portal, our patient portal, below and click on ‚ÄúDownload Statement‚ÄĚ. Instructions will be provided on the multiple ways you can receive your statement there.


Can I Add Or Change My Insurance?

Yes, you can log into the Patient Portal to modify or add multiple insurance policies to your account. Prostate Institute of America will submit the bill to your insurance carrier with the information we have on file first. 

Why Did My Insurance Pay Only A Part Of My Bill?

Most insurance plans require that you pay a co-payment, coinsurance or deductible for your health care expenses. Please contact your insurance company for further questions about your health care coverage. You may also log into our Patient Portal to ensure that we have your most current and accurate insurance information.

How Can I Pay My Bill Or Set Up A Payment Plan?

If you log into the Patient Portal below with your information, you can find the option to pay your bill or set up a payment plan and make an initial payment. PatientFolio accepts all major credit cards.

What Do I Do If I Am Unable To Log Into The Portal.

For technical assistance, please call the following number: (805) 250-7539

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