Prostatitis is one of the most common and paradoxically least well understood inflammatory conditions of the human body. For those men who suffer from chronic prostatitis, it can be a debilitating condition with severe mental and physical impacts.

At PIA, we specialize in treating men with chronic bacterial prostatitis which has failed traditional medical management with oral antibiotics. Our method is direct instillation of antibiotics directly into the prostate gland. This increases the concentration of antibiotics given to the prostate 100-fold, as the prostate does not have an abundant blood supply, making oral medications less effective. It also allows us to focus the therapy on the most diseased parts of the prostate gland, which may also include the attached seminal vesicles on either side.


There are very few physicians who have extensive experience treating chronic prostatitis successfully and it is a service we are proud to offer. Relieving chronic suffering is a challenging but noble endeavor and we are happy to see patients from around the globe for treatment.

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